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12 in 12 February 2011

2 pairs finished, one of which is a Test knit for Celadonsusan.

The Magic Carpet pair, knit two at a time, appear to match perfectly. Once you get over the fact that you are knitting with this its fairly plain sailing.

Wish I had made it to the Tealish colour at the end of the carpet. This is what was leftover.

Pattern: Primavera

Yarn: Yarn Yard Merino Magic Carpet (Brocolli)


Pattern: Molly Weasleys Gift Socks (Test)

Yarn: Yarn Yard Toddy (2T)



Change is in the Air

Every now and then I get the urge to knit a shawl, I’m afraid they usually get put away after finishing never to be seen again.  I have a selection under consideration which I hope I will wear. Which one first though?

Pattern: Herbivore

Yarn: Currently in dispute! Either Fyberspates Merino Tencel(Bright) or Hazel Knits Merino (Dark).

Pattern: Holden Shawlette

Yarn: Yarn Yard Cairn

Pattern: Milkweed

Yarn: Wibbos Works Sock Yarn(Northern Lights). I have been saving this for something seen more than socks. 

Pattern: Simmer Dim

Yarn: Madeleinetosh Tosh Sock (Saffron)

Pattern: Ulmus

Yarn: Yarn Yard Toddy (Club)

See what happens

When you succeed.

 It did get a bit hairy round the heel decreases but I persevered and 2 socks on 2 circular needles at once happened.

This is where I got a bit cocky.

Not only did I cast on again, 2 needles, 2 socks.

I chose Primavera, which had been in the heap for longer than I would care to admit to.

Encouraged by two lovely ladies last weekend extolling the virtues of this pattern, they were both knitting it aswell so they must have known what they were talking about.

I also thought I’d try out the Magic Carpet (Looks like a dyed dishcloth, of the upmarket Merino variety)! You unravel the carpet, which is 2 strands of yarn knit together, to knit with. Sounds illogical but it does mean you get matching socks this way.

 This one is Broccoli and once you get over the crinkly yarn you are knitting with its is knitting up very nicely.

I’m still going but am awaiting the arrival of Addi Lace needles to aid the M1R, points required. Then we’ll be able to gather speed.