Sheddites on tour

I may have mentioned, appx 12 and 24 months ago, about a gathering that happens in York. It appears to be an annual event now, no complaints from me. It is a gathering of crafty people, as in Knitters, Crocheters and Spinners with a lots of other skills thrown in for good measure. Hence a dressmaking class taking place in front of me.

We knit, spin, talk (of course), eat cake, drink tea although I believe those staying overnight within the confines of the Convent (not Nuns) may have tried something more warming (see Sloe Gin and Raspberry Vodka).

On the Saturday of this weekend we have a swap of unwanted yarns, fibre, books and tools in aid of p/hop. This is the table, well there were about 4 this year just for yarn. More arrived after this shot. It is rather amusing to watch people positioning themselves and their prey before time.

 There is also a Secret swap with a £10ish limit but you are also allowed to make an item or donate stash. I always worry that I have done too much/too little and this year was even worse because I knit socks for my partner, would they fit. I can honestly say that despite it being secret the lady in question gave the best reaction I have ever had to anything I have knit so regardless of anything else I had a happy glow. My gift, much eaten by now also included this lovely Brooch, made by Susan hopefully you can see the detail.

 Finally, who could go to York and not visit. This is Bettys Stonegate, which is known by one of its former guises “Taylors” by me and many other York residents I suspect. Its doesn’t have the huge glass windows for posing but does have lots of real fires for you to hug on a cold day. Perfect.

 One BIG problem of this sort of weekend, being inspired by all the clever people you socialise with. I have printed off 9 patterns this morning. WIP’s will be growing in number. Wouldnt miss it for the world, see you in 2013.


One response to “Sheddites on tour

  1. it sounds like a fabulous weekend, I’m sooooo envious!

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