Oh no it isn’t, Pantomime that is.

A few Saturdays back I was killing time prior to Hairdresser incarceration, can you tell I enjoy my visits,  wandering the streets. I believe they refer to them as North Laines hereabouts! Streets to me.

Upper Gardner Street has a Market on a Saturday, street closed and stalls selling all manner of things. One caught my eye, lots of Fabric, Bindings, Ribbons and boxes and boxes of Buttons.  Whilst studying the button mountain the stall holder shouted all £1 a box or card…..well you can’t refuse a bargain like that. Project in mind or not. So being in a rush I gathered together a box and 3 cards. £2 super bargain.


Also in this street I spotted a new deli which said Cafe with Rooftop views. That went on the list for future reference. Last weekend on shall we say a crisp Saturday morning we wandered in to town in search of breakfast. the walk allows this treat.  Guess what, the Button man was there, stock a little depleted but we managed to find a few more boxes.


The contents.

Breakfast was yummy and I can highly recommend The Small Batch Coffee Company for the caffeine fix. Conveniently not only do they Roast in Hove they have a coffee shop in the centre of Brighton too.

So I am well stocked for a few lifetimes.


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