Never far away

Couldnt not mention socks this month, at least once.

I have been a member of The Knit Love Club run by Socktopus since it started with the exception of 2011, which of course I regretted immediately I saw the patterns Alice had designed. So I’m back this year and will be trying the Sokkusu yarn for the first time.  However, I have to confess to not finishing off my 2010 socks so I aim to be good and do those first.

Top is the first  yarn for 2012s club, then we have A Verb for Keeping Warm which is for Crowley finally there is some Wollmeise for De Stijl.


You thought not finishing 2 pairs of club socks was bad, well. This is the yarn for the Knit Magazine Sock Club 2011. Some of it very nice indeed.  We have Skein Queen Entwist, Wollmeise, Yarn Yard Crannog (rare now), Sparkleduck Jenny, Hipknits Merino sock yarn and Rico Superba Poems.  

Plus, in the P-hop scrum in York I snaffled another Skein  of Skein Queen Entwist which was from this club. This is “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”, I’m thinking I should read the book when this goes onto the needles.

 I think, even though a few of the colours arent what I’d choose which is surely the point of joining in these clubs, I will use all the yarn and knit all the patterns not necessarily as intended.

So onwards and upwards, I have 4 pairs of socks on the go at the moment. None of the above, yet!


One response to “Never far away

  1. pretty colours, plenty of purples and blues…swoon x

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