Pass the Tonic

Gin, Gin, Gin!

Amazing what a soaking and a piece of wood can do to my knitting.


Dragging of Heels

Finally I have finished something. I believe has been loitering under the WIP mound for over a year. Okay so in these pictures it is still on the needles and has yet to be blocked but I am in the process of a sewn bind off.

Pattern: Summer Sliding by Jeannie Cartmel

Yarn: Yarn Yard Clan

Shade: Gin Sling (if my memory serves me right Gin was involved) 

If I’m being honest the reason I have got my finger out is because having donated all my sock yarn scraps to deserving sock blanket makers at last years Yarn Yard Gathering I found this was the only yarn suitable for Baby socks of the Boy variety. These are needed for this years gathering which is next weekend!

Close but I should make it.

Will be back with a blocked picture later this week.



Picture This

We are only in the 3rd week of January and already since Christmas we have been to the cinema 3 times. These visits are becoming like buses!

So, my potted reviews and opinions. I appreciate one of these has received much criticism in more ways than one.

First up is the Hollywood version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

I have read all 3 books, if you haven’t please be patient with the first one, it takes 70-80 pages to suck you in but after that the rest is compulsive reading.

This film is closer to the book than the Swedish version and is well done. All that said I personally prefer the Swedish one, perhaps because I saw it first but I even found the subtitles added something and Daniel Craig is very slick for a journalist.

All this said we wil have to see the next 2 aswell.

Next Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows.

Brilliant, Robert Downey Junior and Jude Law compliment each other perfectly and Stephen Fry is well cast as Mycroft. Also Noomi Rapace, the original Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

This to me was better than the first one and I had to be persuaded to see that. .

Haven’t the BBC done a good version too, Martin Freeman takes such a good part and how Benedict Cumberbatch keeps control of his script I do not know.

Finally The Iron Lady.

Without getting drawn in to any of the controversy surrounding this I went because it was Meryl Streep. As a child of the 60’s I had generally had very little interest in polotics when Margaret Thatcher was PM so I found the history side of things very interesting and as deep as I would probably ever need. The acting by NS and Jim Broadbent, as Denis was as youd expect brilliant. The Cabinet had some surprise appearances very well made up, Anthony Head as quite a convincing Geoffrey Howe.

Next on the list

J Edgar (anything with Judi Dench).

WE – Possibly, one person is putting me off and they arent even acting.

The Woman in Black – Brilliant when we saw it on stage. Just have to give Danial Radcliffe a chance to prove himself.




Without boring the socks (no pun intended) off you poor people I arent going to reel off the socks I’ve knit since April.

I will however show you something I am quite pleased with, despite it missing a couple of rows. I tried to squeeze too much from the skein I had. Not that it will notice when wrapped round my neck. 

Pattern: Venomous Tentacula

Yarn: Dream in Colour Smooshy

Colour: Blue! (It has taken me so long to block that I’ve forgotten)

I only put beads on the tips.

Not a Chance

Of me going out in this!

Its all changed

You neglect something for a few months and its all changed!




I’m going to try and blog, when I find my way around here again.

Do say hello if you notice my resurrection.

P.S. I’ve got  alot more kntting done without switching this computer on all the time.


It is the start of a new month, therefore a new pair of socks need to be cast on for the 12 in 12 challenge. How could I not mark Comic Relief when there is Red sock yarn in my stash (well one may be new acquisition). They shouldn’t have given me a collectors card at Loop, I see it as a challenge. 

So we have a lovely Liberty/Comic Relief purchased from the shop that makes me shiver, TK Maxx.

Cake of Yarn Yard Bonny from a club parcel this is going to be knit up in The Yarn Harlot Earl Grey socks pattern.

Some very rich Malabrigo Sock Yarn in Ravelry Red.

I’ll try to get one pair knit for Friday 18th but I keep getting distracted.