Sock it to me – September 2007

Broadripple in Yarn Yard 100% Organic Merino. I love this yarn and it was perfect for this pattern, it is thicker than 4 ply but so soft.

Seduction Socks in Yarn Yard Merino Tencel. Another very nice yarn which has a lovely sheen and would suit shawls and scarves as well.

A close up of the leg detail. As these socks are supposed to be for lounging they look very smart in this yarn.

Fyberspates 100% Alpaca Sock wool. The pattern is Helter Skelter which came with the yarn as part of the sock club. Through no fault of the yarn or the pattern I seriously disliked these socks. Not the knitting of them, that was easy. The first one was finished and I usually try them for size after the toes have been kitchenered. Couldn’t get the first one on so I undid the 2.5″ of Rib, not advisible. I then knit a rolled cuff on 3.25mm needles. Still they didn’t fit.

So there could have been a pair of socks up for grabs!

They looked lovely blocking and I have now tried one on and it does fit although they are now in the present heap.


2 responses to “Sock it to me – September 2007

  1. Great socks, especially the lounging ones they are very smart!

  2. Gorgeous socks! I love them all, but especially the Fyberspates one – great colour.

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