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Back Soon

In time for I-Knit at least!



Chain Reaction

The very kind, and patient, Jo came to help me with my Chain/Navajo plying recently. It isn’t something suited to the fast drivers of Spinning Wheels, such as me.

Anyway I partially rebuilt the building site, our lounge, put curtains at the window and a rug on the floorboards.

As luck would have it I had just bought a Fibreholics Sample box which contained 5 x 20g samples of fibre from various suppliers so some were spun up in readiness. I had my usual leftovers from both the Yarn Yard Green and also from some Lime Green Jelly Merino/Seacell that became this huge 648 yard skein.

 LGJ Merinoseacell1

I have improved although still have speed issues!

 Heres some of our attempts drying in the breeze.



Well, I did it


I love the result.


Spring Shoots-YY BFL

Over 750 yards of Yarn Yard BFL. Light Fingering weight.

 Lemon Grass3

Christened Spring Shoots, now.

It will be admired for some time yet.

Back to the socks, do you think its excessive to pack 20 skeins for a fortnights holiday?

Enjoy your weekend.

In a Quandry

To ply or not to ply.

To ply or not

Yarn Yard  BFL fibre

I did buy this fibre with the idea of plying the two together when spun but now I’m not so sure.

Will the semi green spoil the variegated by making it too bright??

To ply or not2To ply or not3

Before I forget I’ve also knit something, not a sock! It is however a pair of something, somthing essential for August. Actually a wet suit would have been more use yesterday.

LGJ Endless Love Berryhill

Pattern:BerryHill Mitts (Look in the sidebar)

Yarn: My Handspun. This was Lime Green Jelly Merino

Shade: Endless Love

Spun up to roughly (aren’t all mine rough) DK. 120y. After knitting these I had a few yards left.

Enjoy your weekend.

Still Here

My spinning area is now a corner.

Knitting is currently for Christmas (forget I mentioned that).

Getting plastered tomorrow, literally.

Hopefully that’ll be the start of the home strait.

Minis jar

A Jar of Sweeties for you.